Handling smoke damage

Even after a small fire eruption we could face some problems hard to take care off. Although it is easy to get rid off stuff that is partially or completely burned, smoke damage repair could be a much bigger challenge. Smoke is essentially small airborne liquid, solid or gas particles. What happens is that during a fire break out these little particles tend to stick to your walls, ceiling, furniture or any other objects. Not only does it leave hard to clean up stains but also fills the house with a bad odour. Let’s not forget that smoke contains a lot of chemicals which means that inhaling these particles might cause some serious health problems.

First of all, we should act swiftly. Smoke damage repair is most effective immediately after the fire. The longer you let your items sit after being exposed to smoke the harder it will be to remove the damage. After we open windows and try to get as much fresh air possible inside, we should start working with odour and stains.

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Factors to Consider When Choosing Sky Lights

Do you desire to brighten your home? Roof lights could be the ideal solution. Sky lights and roof windows are other names used to describe roof lights. These are glass window panes designed for installing inside your roof. Apart from allowing natural light to enter your home, they will also help minimise dependency on artificial light in your house. This will eventually minimise carbon footprint and save money.

Whether you desire to brighten your loft conversion, living room, hallway, or kitchen, it is crucial to select the best roof lights. Some of the things to consider when buying roof windows include: Proper insulation. Improvements in sky light manufacturing and design have considerably reduced anything that allows warmth to escape from your house. This loss is measurable using the phrase U-value. Therefore the lesser the U-value of your preferred roof light, the better insulation it provides. Opening and fixed sky lights give a U-value estimated at 1.24W/m2K, while Eco-sky lights have a U-value estimated at 0.87W/m2K. This ensures they lose minimal heat. Location of the sky light.

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Outdoor Incense Burners

Many people use incense as a relaxing scent that flows around the home. However it is less well known that it can be used outside too, using larger outdoor incense burners.

An outdoor incense works in much the same way as an indoor one, the major difference being that it is bigger. This is because the wind and larger outdoor space will carry away the scent, so more incense needs to be burnt.

Outdoor incense burners come in varying sizes, each suited to burn different amounts of incense. Burners come in sizes around 2.5″ to 8″, with the larger sizes being designed for use outdoors. Incense cones are commonly used with burners, simply light the cone and place it in the burner for an aromatic scent.

Another way of burning incense outside is with dhoop sticks. These are made of solid incense material and do not have an inner bamboo core, providing a stronger and longer lasting scent.

Glass Fishing Floats For The Garden

Why not add some glass fishing floats to your garden design. Glass fishing floats are unique pieces of antique maritime history. Old and available in varying sizes, fishing floats can suit any sized garden.

Don’t let the notion that they are antique put you off if you have a modern stylised garden. These are unique and unusual objects that set a unique tone, especially if you decide to hang them from other features in the garden. Add hanging fishing floats to a modern garden feature to get a memorable centrepiece that will strike a chord with visitors. You can find fishing floats in many colours, green, amber, blue and other nautical colours are available.

Authentic fishing floats can be found in antique shops, especially in towns and counties with a strong fishing culture. Another great place to find floats is on online auction sites.

Carteck Garage Doors – German Manufactured for Exceptional Reliability

Within the United Kingdom, Carteck Garage Doors is the trade name for brand of garage doors known as Teckentrup. Teckentrup is a German manufacturer that produces high quality insulated sectional garage doors. Most recently, Carteck has added insulated side hinged garage doors to its assortment of options. 

All of the garage doors offered via Carteck have a thickness of 40mm, are twin walled and feature fully finished steel with a foam core. In order to provide consumers with an insulated and draught proof, each door is given a generous amount of all around rubber seals. With the United Kingdom, the doors are assembled from fully finished, pre-made sections that have been constructed within the borders of Germany. The sections are manufactured with the combination of German efficiency and state of the art design and engineering as a measure of guaranteeing the highest amount of quality possible.  Continue reading

Inviting Light into your Home

The greatest enemy to a house is darkness. It simply rids it of the desired homey appearance. Dark rooms tend to be more squeezed and more often will not bring out the natural beauty of the materials that are in that house. Introducing roof lanterns is a great way of making your room to have more natural light, look more spacious and brighter. The wood and fabrics materials that are used to decorate the house will also bring out their true intended colour. Lanterns prove to have a limitless amount of importance to a house. They can be placed on the stairwell, kitchen extensions, and even garden room as long as they are focusing the light on your area of concern. The lanterns can be flat or fixed pyramids. The choice is yours depending on your preferences. Continue reading

Stylish Garden Fence Designs

You can look at your garden fence in one of two ways.

One way is to see it as that wooden wall that runs between your garden and next doors. The other is to look at it as a stylish border setting the scene for your plants, flowers and garden ornaments.

Make the garden fence a design feature of your garden by choosing some stylish garden fencing.

Available from www.fruugo.co.uk are Grange Tulip Palisade Fencing Panels (0.91m high x 1.83m wide).

Set in a golden brown, made from pressure treated timber, these panels have a unique wood finish. The colour contrasts with the greenery of the garden, highlighting the plants against the fence.

Also available are Elite St Jacut Wooden Fence Panels by Grange Fencing (1.8m x 1.8m).

A taller and studier fence. A protective perimeter for your garden that is stylish but maintains the privacy of your home.



Aluminum – A Good Choice for Entrance Doors

The entrance door is the first thing that people see as they enter a home, therefore, it needs to be special. It needs to be chosen in accordance to the

Overall exterior design theme of the exterior of the home. This will create a look that is not only appealing, but also quite exciting an inviting. The use of an aluminium entrance door allows you to express great taste while providing your home with added security and impressive insulation.

The use of aluminium as a choice for your home’s front door is ideal due to the impeccable quality of the material itself. It will never lose its shape and is immune to rotting that plagues wooden alternatives. The best part of using aluminium is the fact that the door will never need to be painted and for years to come, it will continue to look like new.  Continue reading

Follow These Steps When Shopping For A Garage Door

Shopping for a garage door can be a tedious task sometimes as market is filled to the brim with numerous options with various designs, specifications and specialities. Thus it is essential for you to be familiar with garage doors in order to get the most suitable deal for yourself. Here is a quick guide about the factors to be considered while purchasing a garage door.


Due to fierce competition in the market, manufacturers have been forced to sell products at competitive prices in order to woo customers and drive sales. This has meant that what seemed as an extravagant and expensive design earlier is in the affordable range now. From traditional panel designs and ones that offer a swinging stable door look to ones with an automatic garage door opener, there is a plethora of designs for you to choose from. Pay special attention to the colour as it can be a defining factor. Trims, shutters and slidings can all be customised but you should try and match the architecture of your house. Continue reading

Outdoor Lighting Solutions

Outdoor lights can have a magical effect on your garden.  At night time or dusk even small lights can transform a large open area, adding that special effect to your outdoor living space.

There are many types of lights you can utilise to give your garden that extra illumination.

Stake lights and garden spotlights are great. These can be placed anywhere in the garden. Maybe you’d like to light up a certain plant or area, a specially placed spotlight can work wonders.

There are other larger wall mounted spotlights and overhead lights that you can use. These can be great for lighting up big areas. Perhaps you have a lot of late night parties outside, or maybe you’d like to light up the garden to see the evening wild life. Larger outdoor lights can be great to this effect.

Security lighting can be useful too. Used to light up an area outside if movement is detected, these can scare off intruders and unwanted animals alike.

  • Garage Doors

    Garage Doors are an important decision for any home owner. The type of door that you choose will come to define what you use your garage for, and how suitable it is for the task.

  • Garden Decking

    Garden decking can do wonders for improving the look and feel of your garden. Not only do they look great, but they provide you with an optimal seating area, which is ideal for having a sheltered area as well, like with an awning.

  • Fitting Turf to Your Garden

    There are many different garden designs throughout the towns and cities in the UK, and in London you're likely to come across many shaped lawns. Some enthusiastic gardeners are keen to make the lawn a standout feature in its own right, and professional landscapers can easily roll out turf in London so that it complements the additional garden areas, such as the borders, flower beds and patios.

  • Using Real Wood for Exterior Design

    There are clear differences between beautiful real wood garage doors and wood laminate doors. A proper solid oak door feels heavy and secure, while it is unique, with its own colour, texture and individual set of imperfections and knots.

  • Outdoor Design Touches for Commercial Properties

    Outdoor design for commercial properties can be just as, if not more, important than interior design. This is because first impressions are crucial in terms of attracting new customers, and low-cost exterior design touches can make a big difference in influencing customer behaviour. A shop canopy is not only practical and durable, it can also be pleasing on the eye, and whether you opt for a folding arm or drop arm canopy, you’ll get plenty of choice in terms of colours. Many branded, decorative awnings can improve the look of a shop, whilst providing outstanding protection for living and recreation areas.