Roller Garage Doors

When it comes to modern conveniences, garage doors rank high up there on the list of home gadgets that we cannot do without. This preference may be traced back to the fact that, throughout the UK, people have shown an increased preference for driving their cars rather than commuting to and from work. In fact, in Great Britain alone, the proportion of households with access to a car increased from fifty-two per cent to seventy-five per cent (52 %-75 %) during an almost forty-year period (1971-2007). Thus, with many households now purchasing vehicles at a rapid rate, the need to protect such investments at home have also become of high concern. This is where garage doors come in.

These come in various materials and basic operating mechanisms. This article introduces one of the most popular types in the UK- roller garage doors. Continue reading

Designing A Sustainable Home

Building or renovating a home can be one of the most challenging experiences out there . But when it comes to designing it in a sustainable way, it really just comes down to common sense.

The results will be with you for years, and perhaps a lifetime, so getting it right from the beginning is crucial.

A great way to design a sustainable home is to allow it to be a sustainable home. In other words, design a home that makes the most of natural heating and cooling methods.

Thermal mass, ventilation, insulation, shading and glazing are among the components of passive design.

Orienting your home correctly also important in temperate and cool climate zones. When a building is able to let the sun in during cold seasons and shut it out when it’s hot.

Good orientation from a passive design perspective involves locating living areas on the north side of the house, with glazing having clear access to sunlight even in mid-winter.

Sustainable Design

It’s normal to expect construction projects have environmental design or sustainable design features to them.  It’s a popular and environmentally friendly trend, widely implemented in the construction and design industry.

Sustainable design is the philosophy of designing physical objects, the built environment, and services to comply with the principles of social economic and ecological sustainability.

Solar panels, wind generators, water turbines and recycled water are all examples of sustainable design features that can be implemented on a building project. These aspects of design can help to form the blueprint of a building, possibly even becoming a major feature that the building is designed around. This is the nature of sustainable design within the planning phase.

These design features are not only structural parts of a building but can also work to maintain the building. Solar panels for example, would help to power a building if connected to its electricity supply.

Advantages of Automatic Garage Doors

Several people nowadays consider investing in automatic garage doors. With this type of technology, you can expect a lot of good things. Here are six reasons why it’s wise to invest in an automatic door for your garage.

Safety: It is very easy for someone to gain unlawful entry into your property and cause trouble when you are using a manual door for your garage. Our planet can be a dangerous place to live in, and it’s far more important to do everything you can to keep that danger in its place and secure your property, for yourself, your loved ones, and your guests. If you have small kids, you will very much appreciate how these doors work to save your child’s life if they come into some form of potentially dangerous contact with your garage door. Continue reading

Outdoor Stone Furniture

Stone furniture is a great way to add solid, stylish outdoor decoration to your garden or other outdoor space.

One such example are outdoor stone benches.

Stone benches work great in gardens as a stone will remain intact through all outdoor weather conditions. Storms, hail or sunlight will have little effect on the stone, except for general marring that all outdoor decoration experiences.

Another feature of stone furniture is that sunlight and heat throughout the day will raise the temperature of the stone. So by the time evening comes the furniture is heated nicely, and will remain so for a good few hours.

While stone furniture is relatively easy to come by from garden retailers and online, its important to know how to install it. Stone furniture can be extremely heavy, so having some kind of plan of how to get it into your garden exactly is necessary.


Tips for Choosing the Right Raised Bed Kits

Raised bed kits offer numerous advantages to gardeners, especially those growing vegetables and herbs. They provide a great growing medium and ease their work as they are already filled with soil. Above all, they provide good drainage since they are well above the ground level.

Raised beds also help you formalise and plan your garden as they can be placed in strategic positions to ensure easy access. And because they are relatively movable, it’s easy to make changes that best suit your style.

Now when it comes to choosing raised beds, there are various things that you must consider to ensure that you get one that suits your specific needs. They include:


Price is an important consideration when selecting a raised bed kit. Most kits range between £20 and £100. Depending on the number of kits you want to purchase, you can be sure to get discounts especially if you need more than one.  Continue reading

What Comes Included in a New Home?

When looking to buy a property, one of the things you might try to picture is how those new rooms will be decorated and what features they will need. However there is one thing many new buyers don’t realise, and that is the new homely features already included in a new home.

Most new homes come with advanced security features, such as circuit breakers, fire and smoke alarms. These are the basics, but developers are also keen to provide ‘green’ housing that helps to protect the environment.

In terms of fixtures, fittings and appliances, new homes very often come with carpets and curtains, fridges and freezers, and all kinds of other things, thrown in for free. Even if they aren’t on offer, it always worth asking. Sometimes extra features are included in the price of the property, so always check what you are paying for.

Making Use Of Garden Pottery

A fantastic way to incorporate traditional, stylish objects into your outdoor design. Using garden pottery in outdoor decoration is both functional and distinctive.

Old pottery can be found in many second hand retailers and flea markets. This is great for those who want to save on their outdoor decoration, whilst adding a unique and stylish object to it.

Because of the wide array of pots available, there are pots of many designs and variations. From large planters, which function as large ornaments and decorative pots for medium and large plants. To smaller, feature jars which are designed to be used to hold a single, smaller plant, as well as add a touch of style to an area of a garden or interior.

Pottery is made from clay, which is then fired in a kiln until it has set. This means that the pottery, while hard, is delicate and may break if dropped or knocked over. Because of this, its recommended that the pots are placed in safer areas than other sturdier ornaments. So as to not be accidentally damaged.

Use of Garden Sleepers in Landscaping

Garden landscaping involves the combining of the flora, changing of the existing terrain and construction of structures in the garden. The structures do help to enhance the appearance of your home and creates more activities that can be done at home. Some of the structures you can do them yourself while others you require landscaping expert to come in. In article we will be talking about garden sleepers made from wooden railway sleepers and the significance they have when used.

Garden Wooden Railway Sleepers

When you want your garden to have a new look, railway sleepers is the perfect solution for that. Railway sleepers are found in rail-roads train tracks at the bottom. They are triangular in shape and they help the rails to be placed correctly. The wooden railway sleepers are made of wood which makes it very suitable to be used in garden sleepers. The railway sleepers can be used in any garden whether big or small.
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Choosing The Right Garden Fence

The garden fence is the perimeter of your outdoor home, a wall holding a piece of nature next to your home, a pen for you and your family to enjoy. It’s for these reasons that the garden fence can and should be considered as an important part of the home and garden.
The type of fence you choose will have an impact on the style of your garden. Ornate trellis fences say something completely different compared to traditional fence panels.
It is easy to overlook just how much of an impact the fence will have until it’s been physically put up. The fence acts as a sort of border, an underlying backdrop behind everything in the space. So whatever plants or decorative objects you place in your garden, it’s likely that you will be seeing your fence in the background every time you look at them.
So it can pay dividends to carefully pick the right fence for your garden.

  • Garage Doors

    Garage Doors are an important decision for any home owner. The type of door that you choose will come to define what you use your garage for, and how suitable it is for the task.

  • Garden Decking

    Garden decking can do wonders for improving the look and feel of your garden. Not only do they look great, but they provide you with an optimal seating area, which is ideal for having a sheltered area as well, like with an awning.

  • Fitting Turf to Your Garden

    There are many different garden designs throughout the towns and cities in the UK, and in London you're likely to come across many shaped lawns. Some enthusiastic gardeners are keen to make the lawn a standout feature in its own right, and professional landscapers can easily roll out turf in London so that it complements the additional garden areas, such as the borders, flower beds and patios.

  • Using Real Wood for Exterior Design

    There are clear differences between beautiful real wood garage doors and wood laminate doors. A proper solid oak door feels heavy and secure, while it is unique, with its own colour, texture and individual set of imperfections and knots.

  • Outdoor Design Touches for Commercial Properties

    Outdoor design for commercial properties can be just as, if not more, important than interior design. This is because first impressions are crucial in terms of attracting new customers, and low-cost exterior design touches can make a big difference in influencing customer behaviour. A shop canopy is not only practical and durable, it can also be pleasing on the eye, and whether you opt for a folding arm or drop arm canopy, you’ll get plenty of choice in terms of colours. Many branded, decorative awnings can improve the look of a shop, whilst providing outstanding protection for living and recreation areas.

  • The Different Colour Options for Tile Trim

    When deciding upon which type of trim you’re going to have for your tiles, colour is definitely the most important factor. Black tile trim can be used to provide greater contrast in a style of design, or white trim could be used as a more understated alternative.

  • Buying Bulbs in Bulk

    If you’ve got a big garden project coming up, a great cost saving measure is to find iris flower bulbs for sale in bulk straight from the suppliers. As these are the same companies that sell to garden centres, you usually get your bulbs more cheaply by purchasing them direct.